You should be aware of the following facts about home loans:

We'll now go through some dos and don'ts while applying for a Home Loan.
i. Do a thorough investigation into the cost of the property, the project's approvals, the builder's history, etc.
ii. You must be aware of the sums required for your down payment, stamp duty, processing fees, and registration costs.
iii. Make sure all the paperwork is in order, including the property agreement, registration, income tax returns, and salary slips.
iv. Prior to submitting an application for a home loan, give yourself enough time to improve your credit history because the bank can suggest better terms and conditions.
i. Before requesting a home loan, do not take on excessive debt.
ii. To prevent negatively affecting your credit score, keep your credit card spending within reasonable limits and make timely payments on any outstanding loans.
iii. Please avoid taking out a sizable loan because it can be difficult to pay it back to the bank. When applying for a house loan, affordability becomes crucial.