This National Thoughtful Day, we recognize all employees

In our present work environment, where prioritizing employee engagement is paramount, National Thoughtful Day presents a significant opportunity to recognize and uplift employees. Research demonstrates that a culture of recognition has far-reaching, positive effects on an organization's success and employee satisfaction.
Consider these impactful statistics:
Employee engagement, productivity, and customer service are 14% higher in organizations with recognition (Bersin by Deloitte).
Creating a culture of recognition can save a 10,000-employee company up to $16.1 million in turnover costs annually (Gallup).
When recognition is done right, employees are more likely to feel connected, engaged, see a path to growth, and recommend their organization to others (Gallup).
With this knowledge in mind, here are four strategies to foster a culture of recognition that can be practiced on National Thoughtful Day and throughout the year:
Make Recognition Shareable
Recognition can be shown in many forms, but in today’s tech-forward work culture, enhancing the shareability of individuals’ accomplishments can be pivotal.Visible recognition creates a ripple effect, boosting morale and fostering a sense of community across an organization. Whether through social media, team meetings, or company communications, encouraging colleagues