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The Unemployed Nurse? – Since I actually have been a RN for near seven years, I figure I ought to write on one thing I actually have a good quantity of expertise with. As a nurse, I actually have command jobs in multiple arenas, and there square measure several out there. One factor nurses and prospective nurses square measure usually told is that they're going to ne'er have a tough time finding work. they're going to be able to walk into any hospital or several alternative tending facilities and be bimanual employment. For a old, this was true, and it still is in several places. However, a bit like the other profession, nursing has its slumps. several nurses square measure having issue finding work, having their hours cut, or perhaps being arranged off. Several new graduate nurses take the forcefulness of not having the ability to seek out work, a minimum of simply. don't fret tho', choices square measure out there and you may be able to realize work.