The New Wave of Travelers: India’s Gen Z Eyes International Adventures

A recent study by Skyscanner, titled ‘First Trip with Skyscanner’, unveils a significant trend among India’s Generation Z, those aged between 18 and 25, showing a strong inclination towards planning their first solo international voyages. The report indicates that 47% of these young adults are eager to embark on leisure trips abroad, driven by a zeal for adventure and exploration.

The desire to explore new cultures and attend global events such as concerts and sports is notably high, with 49% prioritising these experiences. Financial independence is a critical factor, as 81% are prepared to schedule their first international journey soon after earning their initial paycheck. The study also notes that two-thirds of this demographic are committed savers, setting aside funds specifically for travel, whereas only 20% lean towards financial schemes like buy-now-pay-later options to fulfil their travel desires sooner.

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