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Microcare ENT is the best Skull Base Surgery approaches in Hyderabad, India where our best skull base surgeons provide best skull base surgery and skull base treatments Skull Base refers to the area of the skull that the brain rests upon, divided anatomically as Anterior, Middle and Posterior Skull Base. This is one of the most complex areas of the body to perform a surgery as it contains many cranial nerves which passes through the skull base and many blood vessels which are densely packed keeping the brain supplied with oxygen.Microcare ENT Hospital Provides the best Endoscopic Skull Surgery in Hyderabad by Skull Base Surgery Doctors in Hyderabad. Skull Base is the connection between the brain and the brain stem and spinal cord. Any surgery in the skull base is complex and requires the integration between different specialists to ensure good result. Skull Base Surgery, Skull Base Surgery approaches in Hyderabad, Best skull base surgery, skull base treatments, skull base surgery ent, best skull base surgeons