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SP Colour & Chemicals' manufacturers of Glow in the Dark Powder. Also Known by many names – Radium Powder, Phosphorescent Powder. Imagine a kid's room, decorated with radium stars that sparkle long after sleep time stories. Radium powder transforms dreams into the real world, imbuing objects with an ethereal shine.

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Our Radium Powder is used in various industries like Cosmetics, Automotive, Paint and Plastics. From toys that become completely awake under twilight skies to somewhere safe and secure signs that aid as the night progresses, its applications are pretty much as interminable as the actual universe.

LINK : https://amppigments.com/

Made with accuracy and care, SP Colour & Chemicals' Phosphorescent powder holds the embodiment of marvel inside its radiant particles. It's not only a substance; it's a conductor for imagination, a signal of development in a generally normal world. In each sprinkle of powder, there's a commitment of experience, an update that even in the most obscure of times, light can in any case radiate through. SP Colour & Chemicals welcome you to enlighten your reality, each gleaming second in turn.

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