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DCC Group, an Indian waste management company, efficiently handles waste using garbage separator, sorting, and plastic segregation machines. They ensure compliance with government regulations, prioritize public health, and promote environmental... Read More

DCC GROUP focuses on waste segregation and plastic waste management, employing state-of-the-art waste segregation machines and sorting systems to minimize landfill waste. Your commitment to sustainability is commendable. Keep up... Read More

DCC Group's Ballistic Separators offer a cutting-edge solution for waste sorting, combining the principles of Bounce Screening and Gravity Separation to achieve superior performance in efficiently handling and categorizing diverse... Read More

DCC GROUP addresses dumpsite challenges through reclaiming landfills, remediating sites, and treating legacy waste, employing bio-mining techniques. This involves using bio-mining machines to clean and recycle waste from dumpsites, with... Read More

Our waste segregation process, complemented by our expertise as a composting machine manufacturer, extends to managing municipal solid waste (MSW) at our processing plant. Through advanced technology and high-quality sorting... Read More

DCC Group is a top screening equipment manufacturer in India, offering waste screening systems and Trommel screens with capacities ranging from 10TPD to 200TPD. They specialize in portable Trommel screens... Read More

Trommel Screens, including Compost Trommel, Mini Trommel, and Mobile Trommel, are robust screening machines used in waste processing and mining. They feature a cylindrical drum with perforated holes. As the... Read More

The DCC Group, a leading ballistic separator manufacturer in India, provides a cost-effective solution for waste sorting. Their ballistic separator, with customizable specifications, achieves a 90% separation accuracy, ideal for... Read More

DCC Group's Ballistic Separators, including the Ballistic Separator Machine, feature customizable screen openings for efficient ballistic separation of fine particles. These durable and accurate systems are tailored to client requirements,... Read More

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