Glycerine price – Advita Lifesciences

Have you ever been stumped as to what to do with your dry, rough, scaly, itchy
skin when lotions and creams aren’t cutting it? Advita Lifesciences has
Glycerine as a solution to your difficulties. Glycerine is available in different
sizes 50 Gms, 100 Gms, and 400 Gms, but do you believe that glycerine has
only two uses? Then the rest of the vast list listed below would astound you

Uses :
1. Dry skin, dry lips & frizzy hair moisturizer
2. Treatment for dandruff and dry hair
3. Anti-aging and blackhead remover
4. Skin de-tan agent
5. Used as an excipient with various roles, in various pharmaceutical & cosmeceutical products
6. Treatment for skin psoriasis, eczema and mouth ulcers
7. Food preservative

This product was made with extreme quality standards, In comparison to other marketed formulations this product stands out in terms of quality, thickness of glycerine and purity of product. The brand name guarantees the purest quality possible, free of compromises, adulteration, or unethical methods. Another plus is the affordable price and attractive packaging, which makes it a market hit and benefits our clients at the same time. So choose us when choosing pocket smart.

NOTE: This product is only intended for topical/external usage on the skin and should not be orally consumed or administered by any other means. Consult a medical expert if this happens, and the person should be treated properly.

Storage Conditions: Store in a cool, dry place, away from oxidants and direct fire. Avoid exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Legal disclaimer: Advita Lifesciences is not responsible for any kind of misuse
of the product by users. All matters are subjected to Bhilwara Jurisdiction only.