EDS – Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

It is a condition in which a person continues to feel drowsy even after getting the recommended amount of sleep each night. Also called as hypersomnia. The person cannot stay awake at work or school when eating, conversing, or playing. The majority of the world's population has this disorder. In the USA, there are more people suffering from this disorder. The person suffering from this condition has less energy throughout the day. Individuals who suffer from this disorder feel and look drowsy all the time, which causes them to look exhausted throughout the day. A person who suffers from excessive daytime sleepiness tends to look exhausted, while an exhausted person does not necessarily suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness. If someone has been experiencing excessive sleep for three months or longer, then it's possible that they have a sleep disorder.
Causes: Narcolepsy, Sleep apnoea, Restless legs syndrome, Depression, Bipolar disorder, Idiopathic hypersomnia
Unawareness on the subject's part
Easily irritated the vast majority of the time
memory problems on the short term; frequently forgets things while at work; can hardly recall previous events.
Lacking the ability to concentrate on the task at hand
Invest some time in expanding your horizons of understanding.
Inability to make decisions with sufficient force and clarity
Every question that receives a response that is too late
Taking enormous risks