Calculate Your Manufactured Home Loan Payments in 3 Easy Steps

A manufactured home loan is a type of financing specifically designed for the purchase of a manufactured or prefabricated home. Unlike traditional mortgages, which are used to buy site-built homes, manufactured home loans are tailored to the unique characteristics and requirements of factory-built housing.

Manufactured home loans can be used to finance the purchase of various types of manufactured homes, including:

Single-wide homes: These are single-section homes that are typically less than 18 feet wide and are transported to the site on a single trailer.

Double-wide homes: These homes consist of two sections that are joined together on-site, creating a larger living space. Double-wide homes are typically between 20 and 32 feet wide.

Multi-section homes: These homes are composed of three or more sections that are joined together on-site, offering even more square footage and customization options.

 Modular homes must meet local building codes, whereas manufactured homes follow the HUD code.

Manufactured home loans often have different requirements and terms compared to traditional mortgages, such as lower loan limits, higher interest rates, and shorter loan terms. However, they provide an affordable housing option for many homebuyers, especially in areas where site-built homes are more expensive or scarce.