Benefits of LLP Registration in India

The following are the benefits of LLP Registration in India:

1. Low Cost and Less Compliance:

The overall cost of establishing a Limited Liability Partnership is low compared to the cost of registering a Private or Public Limited Company in India. The compliances to be followed by the LLP are also low. The LLP needs to file only 2 Statements yearly (i.e., an Annual Return and a Statement of Accounts and Solvency.

2. Liabilities are limited:

Limited Liability Partnership provides a limited liability benefit to all the designated partners. In case of s business insolvency or loss, the partners’ liability is restricted to the capital contribution as per the LLP agreement. Moreover, one partner is not held responsible for the actions of negligence/misconduct of any other partner.

3. Separate Legal Existence:

Just like a Company, an LLP has a separate legal entity. The Limited Liability Partnership is different from its partners. An LLP in India can sue & be sued in its own name. The Contracts are signed in the name of the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) which helps to gain the trust of various stakeholders & gives the customers and suppliers a sense of confidence in the business.

4. Tax Benefits:

It is also exempted from various taxes like DDT (Dividend Distribution Tax) & Minimum Alternative Tax. The tax rate on LLP is less than that of the Company.

5. No Minimum Capital:

For the LLP formation in India, no minimum capital is required. No minimum capital contribution is required from partners. An LLP can be incorporated even with Rs. 2000 as a total capital contribution.