Balwaan ISI Marked 35cc Knapsack Sprayer | BKS-35i

Balwaan BKS-35i ISI Marked 20 Litres 35 CC Backpack Sprayer is the equipment for applying pesticides for pest control, agriculture, and row crop farming. Even at high altitudes, it operates smoothly. Around the world, knapsack sprayers are the most commonly used equipment. These sprayers are widely used in agriculture and its various allied sectors for a variety of purposes. These sprayers are commonly used to fertilize plants and crops. They are easy to use, economical, and adjustable in all directions. They can be used in small and big agricultural fields, orchards, lawns nurseries, etc. Effective for pest control, agriculture, row crop farming, orchards, vineyards, and greenhouses. Suitable for seed corn maggots, southern corn leaf beetles, southwestern corn borers, spider mites, sugarcane beetles, and western bean cutworms. Lower vibration for even chemical flow reduces operator fatigue and is more comfortable than ever.