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SRC Trays And Containers – Bhalco Industries

SRC Aluminium trays and containers are heat-resistant, retortable and available in the most varied range of colours. They are mainly used for frozen meals and ready meals by catering companies and... Read More

Pharma Industry bhalco Industries

Aluminium foil is suitable for pharmaceutical packaging in the Pharma Industry. High-quality medicine is very sensitive and requires quality care to see that it is effective when it is used.... Read More

Kitchenware/Cookware Industry has used aluminium to make a product for many years. And it’s one of the most commonly used cookwares in homes, restaurant’s. It’s lightweight, affordable, and has excellent... Read More

Bhalco is the largest distributor of aluminium foil for the food packaging industry in India Household Aluminium foil is widely used for food packaging in companies as well as in homes It... Read More

Semi-Rigid Container – It widely used in household, hotel, restaurant and catering segments. It is used for food packaging & Storage. Specification :- Width – 300-1000 mm, Thickness – 36 microns... Read More

House Hold Foil for Wrap Foods, & for Beauty and Salons Etc. Household Aluminium Foil is to be used for food wrapping. Specification :- Size – 290-300 mm, Thickness – 10,14 &... Read More

Light Gauge Aluminium Foil is generally used in flexible packaging such as Tobacco, Food & packaging. Specification :- Width – 200 – 1000 mm, Size – 5.3 to – 12 microns,... Read More

Bare Aluminium Foil Bhalco Industries

Bare Aluminium Foil is used extensively in Food and Pharmaceutical packaging. It is also used to make Aseptic packaging that enables the storage of perishable goods without refrigeration. Aluminium Strip foil is... Read More

Aluminium Circle Bhalco Industries

Aluminium Circle as Aluminium Disc is widely used in making Sauce Pan, Pizza Pan & Household Utensils Etc. Specification :- Size – 2 Inches to 42 Inches, Thickness – 5 to... Read More

We are providing products for a long time to our customers and our mission is to lead all over India. We have various products of better quality. Ranges of all... Read More