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Introducing Vision Pro: Transformative ESR Analysis at Your Fingertips

Transform the landscape of ESR analysis with CPC Diagnostics' groundbreaking Vision Pro, a fully automated ESR analyzer employing the trusted Westergren method. With a capacity to conduct up to 300... Read More

Introducing The Ultimate Lab Partner For Immunoassay Testing: IFlash 1200

Enhance your immunoassay testing with CPC Diagnostics' cutting-edge IFlash 1200. This state-of-the-art chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer guarantees precise, rapid results through full automation. Tailor protocols, oversee quality control, and produce comprehensive... Read More

Optimize Immunological Testing Outcomes With The Euroimmun Analyzer I-2P

Experience advanced immunological testing with CPC Diagnostics' Euroimmun Analyzer I-2P. This smart machine can run 88 tests at once and processes 176 tests every hour. Perfect for medium to large... Read More

Improve Your Immunological Testing With The Best Euroimmun Analyzer I

Check out CPC Diagnostics' Euroimmun Analyzer I for high-quality, cost-effective immunological testing. This Fully automated ELISA processor processes 44 tests per run, with a throughput of 88 tests per hour.... Read More

Improve Healthcare Precision With The Best Kryptor Compact Plus!

Empower Diagnostics with Kryptor Compact Plus at CPC Diagnostics! Amplify the Effectiveness of Procalcitonin Testing for Leading Prenatal Screening. Elevate Healthcare Standards and Bolster Patient Trust with an Easy, Accurate,... Read More