Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity: Bridging the Gap Between Innovation and Risk

Nowadays, Artificial intelligence (AI) with the combination of cyber security becomes the crucial ground where the two elements-innovation and risk are interexchange. The further development of AI takes place at a furious speed, and its applications regarding cyber security present at the same time both promises of defense and threats of misuse. The mutual dance between progress and danger becomes more comprehensive in which businesses and government needs to follow the terrain with an open eye on using AI as a transformative tool and as a way to mitigate risks.

The Convergence of Innovation and Risk
As the intelligence of AI increases and the trend continues, governments as well as tech companies worldwide are in a race for strategic superiority. However, despite the fierce AI momentum, cyber security becomes the main challenge. Besides AI empowering the cyber defense capabilities, the technology also becomes a powerful tool installed by malicious actors to conduct stand out cyber-attacks.

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