Are you Making a Life or Making or Living?

Are you someone who works tirelessly because your profession requires you to put in more hours than you should be putting in? If the answer to that is yes, then you may be confusing work ethic with over-working. If you feel that your personal and social life is being taken over by excessive time and energy spent at work, headaches, getting overwhelmed easily, not being able to focus on other areas of your life, then you might be experiencing what is called stress. Let’s attempt to define stress:
Stress is essentially described as the mental and physical response and adaptation by our bodies to the real or perceived changes and challenges in our lives.
When we experience or perceive challenges to our physical or emotional well-being that exceed our coping resources and abilities, the psychological condition that results is typically referred to as stress. This feeling is experienced when we feel that the situation is beyond our control or we may not be able to cope with it.