Aptitude Training For Placements – Six Phrase

PRIME – Placement Fit Training & Hiring Program – Final Year

Six Phrase offers top-notch aptitude training for placements, equipping you with the skills needed to excel in your career. Join us now!

Six Phrase stands as India’s foremost Skill Development and Career Advancement Enterprise. It was conceived by a seasoned professional boasting over 9 years of IT expertise gained at Cognizant Technology Solutions. With a track record spanning 14 years, and having played a pivotal role in kickstarting the careers of over 1.3 million students, Six Phrase has earned a reputation as a reliable ally in providing employability training. Our journey of 14 years has seen us evolve from a mere Training Vendor to a revered Training Partner.

Offered Courses :

Placement Training
Employability Training,
Technical Training,
Aptitude & SoftSkills Training,
English Language and Finance Training
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Big Data
Cyber Security
Java FullStack
Python Full Stack
Data Structure & Algorithm Expert
C & C++ Basic Course