Almond cracking plant
Description of Large Almond Processing Machines plant
Almond cracking plant are suitable for cracking almond shells and separating shell kernels, features large output flow operation, high shelling rate, high complete rate and easy to clean. It is an ideal choice for large scale almond shell removal and processing enterprises to improve their efficiency and reduce the almond processing plant cost ideal.

Production Process Flow for 500kg Almond cracking Plant

1. The raw material almond has been entered into the sieve selection machine (flat screen or roller screen selection) by the lifting machine, and graded into three or more levels almonds, through hopper are separated into three separate hulling machines.

2. The almond hulling machine ( the sheller can be achieve the complete removal of the shell), the shell and the kernel are entered into two shell kernel separators. (For small amount large small almond can be confluence to a separator).